Ski Hats, Neck Tubes and Ski Balaclavas

For those who don't wear a ski helmet, some way of keeping those ears warm is an absolute must! Our range of ski hats and ski balaclavas allow you to keep your head and face warm in even the coldest of conditions! See more.

Ski Hats

We offer a great range of stylish, warm ski hats in a range of colours and styles you will love! From furry 'look at me... I'm Russian!' hats to traditional wooly bob hats, we offer them all in a range of colours to suit your look.

Ski Balaclavas

If a hat really won't cut it for the skiing you're doing, we offer a range of ski balaclavas. These allow you to completely cover your face so wind chill isn't a factor at all.

Neck Tubes

We stock a great range of neck tubes which can also be used as an open topped hat! These 'NeckGators' allow you to keep your neck warm, protecting delicate areas and keeping the wind out of your jacket when going down the slope at speed.

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