Ski Sunglasses

Stay cool and safe on the slopes with our great range of ski and snowboard sunglasses, available in a range of styles and colours. See more.

If you're not a fan of ski goggles ... and let's face it, not everyone is... you'll love our range of ski and snowboard sunglasses as they offer most of the benefits of goggles with a more relaxed look. We offer ski sunglasses from top brands like Salice, who have been creating sports eyewear for many years and know how to get the best visibility with the minimum of fuss!

Some of the ski sunglasses we offer have straps, just like goggles, which means you won't lose your shades if you crash (it happens to the best of us!). We can supply ski sunglasses with different colours of lenses for different snow conditions... a great excuse to buy a couple of pairs!

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