Youth's Ski Packages

Skiing is a fabulous sport that can be enjoyed by all. However, the cost of equipment, clothing and travel can seem a little daunting. This is especially true if you are only able to make one trip each year. Even more so when it comes to children and teenagers who will grow out of their clothing, possibly after just one trip. The price tags of some designer clothing seem ludicrous when the opportunities to wear it are so limited. See more.

Happily not all ski wear is expensive and more reasonable price tags don’t have to come at the expense of quality or style. There are some great value styles that will serve you well and we have chosen our favourites to feature in the Snow Central range. The good news doesn’t stop there either. To give you even better value and to save you valuable time searching for deals, we have put together our excellent ski packages.

Our packages include great deals for younger skiers. Each package features a jacket, salopettes and a base layer. All you need to do is throw in a fleece or hoodie from your youngsters’ casual wardrobe and they are ready for the slopes. Our packages are the perfect choice for family holidays or school trips and at our amazing prices you don’t have to worry about how many times the youngsters will wear their clothing. Not that this will be a problem as our stylish jackets are ideal for cold and wet days wherever you are.

Our children’s ski clothing packages are available for both boys and girls aged 11 years to 16 years. If you like the look of our exceptional deals then do take a look at our adult packages too. Skiing really doesn’t have to break the bank if you choose your clothing wisely!

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