Intelligent EPoS Systems from Intelligent Retail

Integrated Sage Line 50 with EPoS Software

For busy retailers, there can be nothing more traumatic than having to do the end of year accounts manually. Trawling through hundreds of pieces of paper, receipts and manual spreadsheets is a massively time consuming task and can really remove focus away from the important things like customer service and actually selling things - what, as a retailer, you're there for!

If you're stuck in the situation where you really dread doing end of period accounts for your business then you really need the Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system with integrated Sage Line 50 support. This World leading retail EPoS system allows you to take care of your business from end to end, with integrated stock control, black box (supplier product information) and Sage Line 50 accounting software integration alongside direct multichannel 'drag and drop' integration with however many eCommerce sites you have, Ebay and Amazon, you only need one system to run your entire business, wherever you trade.

A Review of the Intelligent Retail Connect System

The Intelligent Retail Connect system means that you spend more time with your customers and less on managing your store. With intelligent hand held stock control devices connected wirelessly to your Connect EPoS system, you can monitor stock in your warehouse, add new products and change prices on the fly, whilst the till is in use. Intelligent Retail Connect users swear by the easy to use till-like interface, which shows not only any on-site sales, but all web orders on the same interface and as all orders are fed from and come back to the same stock tree, you can never over-sell products and you have to do things only once, saving heaps of valuable time!

Contact Intelligent Retail

To get a demonstration of the Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system, either call 0845 6800 127 or email You can also request a call back via the website - this is a no-obligation visit to your premises in many cases to demo the system, just what you need as a busy retailer!